1. the truth about productivity

    the truth about productivity

    truth about productivity

    I just attempted to read an article about “careers and fashion” that I am pretty sure was meant to “inspire.” I couldn’t finish it. Life is too short and the article was neither inspirational nor interesting. So I stared outside the window watching the clouds move and wondered what my Grandmom was up to. The article was about the head of design at H&M. When I first graduated from the most…

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  2. Rabbit Hole.


    After this winter I may have had too much of a good thing lately and that good thing is the Catalan sun. The thaw was perhaps too rapid and I need to aim for a  gradual defrost next time or else maybe all of the unknowns in my life have finally caught up with me.  Decolonization is not for the weak minded or weak spirited. It requires vigor. My move into conceptual work more and more is a real…

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  3. le feu follet

    So this Doe is no longer in Finland but still adventuring in the art life. I arrived safely yesterday.

  4. I have done the work of a thousand lifetimes in one night.

    My hips hurt. Some people say hips are the emotional center of the body. Physiological explanations…

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  5. She loves me.

    Capitalism underwater

    little fish

    capitalism above water

    Geneva deserves a post.  Switzerland was a…

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  9. Beneath the surface

    An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional.


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